Management Development

Are you a new manager or supervisor? Are you overwhelmed with all the new expectations and functions required of you as a manager, supervisor and team leader? This practical program will give you insights and the tools and confidence to step up to your role.

Understand organisational fit, authority, role functions, competencies, performance management, task assignment, time management and team development. Manage yourself more effectively in the workplace.


Choosing your Step

When you step out of bed each morning you have three choices. How are you going to be today? This session will take you on a journey of choice, to be fully present and aware of who you are each day and how the decision you make each morning can influence your day as well as all those who you encounter.


Managing the Change Process

The transitions of change are what create the tension, the angst and the negativity in the workplace, family or our relationships. Using William Bridges model of Change this topic explores how you can ease people through a change and what three steps you need to take in order to allow others to move forward with you.

Coaching Skills when working with others

This session addresses the skill sets required to coach others in the workplace, home or community. Lots of tools, models and ideas are shared to make this interactive session a recipe that you can use immediately to positively effect the interaction that you have with others

Understanding yourself and others

We tell ourselves we love to be different but you only need to look around and we often work very hard to try and make everyone be the same as ourselves. This topic addresses the individual differences that we all bring to our lives and how understanding others can assist us to respect the differences in others. Avoid the “Be Like Me” club and find out what makes others tick.

Humanising Organisations

The world is full of organisations with incredible technology, systems, structures and processes yet so often we totally forget that within every family, workplace and organization there is a culture, relationships and values. Based on the work of Margaret Wheatley this topic explores the notion that whilst we need order, structure and systems we equally require our people to connect, communicate and build a shared vision based on the collective values of the group. What aspects do you focus on and how can you bring the balance to your group?

The Relational Edge – Enhancing Your Personal Effectiveness

When you deal with other people - either internally across different functions within an organisation or externally with stakeholders or clients - you are often judged on your own personal effectiveness, not on any 'formal authority' you may have. To successfully influence people in these situations - or to overcome any difficult working relationships - you need the confidence, clarity of purpose and the communication skills to fully express yourself. If you work with others then this topic is for you.