Very engaging day
Felt at ease, enjoyed the conversation points.
Liked the insights into coaching and self development
Thoroughly enjoyed Maree’s presentation style of delivery
Excellent program, Maree was great
The relaxed nature of delivery from Maree made this an interesting and very informative session – the materials were excellent.
I really liked the interaction with others and the opportunity to hone skills that will improve my delivery of service. More of the above please.
I enjoyed the framework, diagrams that really helped consolidate my understanding. I have found the tools helpful to use when trying to get someone to understand and listen, it can be helpful using words they can relate to that way they are more inclined to pay attention to me.
I’d like to think that I have been successful in changing my attitude/mood when I come to work. Rather than focus on the negatives and complaining about them (and being an energy sucker in general) I now try to come in with a smile on my face and not take part in the daily ‘complaining’ sessions. The emotional landscape worked for me because it made me conscious of how I affect the people around me.
It’s working so far…. (for me anyway.)
I enjoyed the workshop so very much & what a lovely idea of Maree’s to have a ‘buddy’ – Since the workshop I have met my buddy several times in the hallway, lunch room or just in passing. Lunch time today, we actually met at the Club for lunch.
In the short time I spent with Maree, I was impressed with her manner, vibrant personality and knowledge of subject matter. I found the presentation to be quite stimulating, and only have positive comments.
I have learned to keep my big mouth shut.
Well I am able to talk to a lot more people through out the office and I know more peoples names and I say good morning to as many people as I can 
I have commenced recent application of the tools learned, the process was initially slow as it required me to acknowledge that I needed to change and take responsibility for this but now that I have shifted my thinking in this towards taking responsibility for change I am finding it easier each day.
I found the training by Maree to be both personally and professionally beneficial.  It gave the workgroup an opportunity to reflect upon the office environment, and how our own personal actions, whether intentional or not, impact upon others and the office culture. 
I don’t believe that staff were aware or were willing to acknowledge the underlying issues present within the workgroup prior to this training, and Maree’s presentation certainly provided everyone with an opportunity to connect/reconnect to colleagues.
I believe that I have remained focused on implementing some of the ideas presented, and I believe that the office environment has had overall improvement since the training.
I have found myself since attending this programme complimenting people more. I suppose it was one of those things that I overlooked in day to day life and have found myself more aware of the difference that a nice word can mean to someone else…..One of the tasks that I was given was to get an office mascot for the Team who travel a lot – they were going to take pictures of it when out and about in Mt Isa and the Gulf….I have bought the mascot but so far there have been no pictures taken.
Whenever someone came into the office wearing some thing nice, or if they did a good job at a particular task, I made a bigger effort to compliment them on this, making them feel good for whatever good thing they had accomplished. I also made a bigger effort to say hello and ask how people were doing/feeling, every morning
I always smile – now I smile so much its got ‘em all worried.
I have been using and encouraging everyone else to use the emotional landscape in staff meetings. At the start of the meeting we do check in and we use the emotional landscape and use a scale of 1-5 of how we are feeling with “5” feeling really great and “1” not so good and “0” if you feel non existing. This is a helpful tool so the rest of the staff have an idea how people are going and what we can do to help. Jokes always work.  
I put on my positive filters as much as possible, especially in relation to the Office’s reputation. To this end I agreed to do a story for “Sectorwide” which was also published in “Brighter Futures”. This has been a very positive move for me and our family.
In terms of being true to myself,  I think that I have taken some steps with that.   I find it hard to do “best practice” because of the pressures of the workload and there are great risks  to that in terms of the responsibility we carry and how that can backfire on a person.   I do not wish to continue to be burdened by pressure, and if I feel it is a burden, then I will say so and talk it over with my Team Leader. Unlike in the past, where I would not have said anything and kept going regardless of the pressure I was placing on myself.. 
One thing that the training taught me is that ultimately, you do have to be true to yourself first and foremost or you are really not much good to anyone.   I refuse to go under with the pressures of workload requirements. I have given more than was good for me in the past, and ultimately, it impacts on one’s physical and emotional health.  These days I will call the tune about what is, and what is not, reasonable for me to deal with, within the pressures of that work-load.