Maree Armansin has 27 years experience in the organizational development sector and has worked in the education, training and organizational development of adults in both the public and private sectors. As a speaker Maree is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and her work has been in humanizing organizations in order to bring about mindful change.

Maree spearheaded the development and delivery of a leadership development program to 750 staff across a Queensland Government agency, developed workshops on change management, created individualized flexible solutions for regional staff across 17 offices in Queensland, Australia and was the Director of Workforce Capability in two large multi-disciplined Queensland Government agencies.

Maree developed and delivered a nationally accredited, competency based program for staff and this has resulted in the completion of a diploma level qualification for over 300 staff.

Maree is a strategic thinker and uses flexible delivery methods and styles. She uses intuitive and explicit knowledge of group process to design and deliver formal and informal interventions that assist organizations and individuals to achieve organizational goals.

As a coach she is solution focused and encourages her clients to come up with their own answers and awareness of their insights. She is an authentic and congruent communicator, insightful and truly committed to people’s development, encouraging mutual growth and evolution. She is comfortable dealing with the hard issues and challenges her clients to take the steps required to achieve high level potentiality and significant change in their lives as well as improving commercial outcomes, sustainability and effectiveness in the workplace.

Maree believes that learning is a life long process and her formal qualifications include two Masters Degrees in Education and Social Science (Counselling) as well as undergraduate degrees in Education and Teaching. These formal educational pathways have provided her with a vast range of skills and knowledge that can be shared with clients. Her organizational development and facilitation experiences have given her many tools and resources that can be utilized with her client groups including MBTI, Results Coaching Systems Methodologies, SL11 and Bar-On EQ. Maree was awarded the International Women’s Day award for Leadership in 2002 and was nominated in the Building Effective Partnerships category for the 2007 Education Training and the Arts staff awards.

Maree is a trusted advisor, coach, counselor and consultant who delivers results.